Lime Design
Study of a Business Plan

Disclaimer: The project is for university assessment purposes only.


Our group was assigned to develop a hypothetical business related to our field of study and present a comprehensive business plan. The resulting document spans 31 pages and covers various aspects such as research, marketing strategy, finance, and practical operations.


Lime Designs is a new start-up graphic design studio based in West End, Brisbane. Founded by three eager designers who are passionate about our environment. Our mission is to design for the future by designing sustainably. We strive to be allies in helping our industry become more conscious of the environment and to help educate young minds about sustainable design.


As a member of the content team, my responsibilities included planning the operational and financial aspects of the business, such as selecting the location, managing resources, forecasting profit and loss, and determining the break-even point.

Additionally, I was responsible for branding the company, including designing the logo and creating a template for the business plan. The plan includes samples of charts, invoices, and letters.

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Our fonts have been carefully selected as they are ink saving, and therefore contribute to our mission of sustainability.

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