Prime Meats
New local butcher


Prime Meats : A Cut Above


Prime Meats, a recently launched small-scale enterprise based in Yeronga, sought to enhance its visibility among the local populace and expand its customer base.


In order to achieve this, the client devised several promotional strategies to boost sales throughout the year. However, the client encountered difficulties in managing the influx of customers after the opening, and as a solution, it was suggested to utilize social media marketing to attract more local customers. Several promotions were introduced, such as happy hour specials, daily sales, and improvements to the shop’s overall appearance including labelling, packaging, window wrapping, and decorations.

One of the most significant promotions was the Christmas Pre-Order, which involved distributing order forms, advertising on social media, and setting up a website. We were able to manage this within a short deadline. Customers were able to easily order and pay online through the website, resulting in a significant increase in the number of orders during the promotion.